It's Working

Industry-led from the beginning, Visit California has proved that we are stronger when united. Visit California has developed and maintained a strong global brand for California around the world, inspiring travelers to “Dream Big” in the Golden State.

Thanks to the investment from tourism-related businesses across the state, the California tourism industry has enjoyed a ninth straight year of record-breaking success. Visitors spend more than $140 billion at tourism businesses every year in the state. California is now the nation’s No. 1 travel destination, outperforming the nation in all accommodations metrics.

However, tourism doesn’t just happen. We must make it happen.

Let’s continue the progress we have made in promoting California to the world.

Every six years, California’s travel industry considers whether to continue the program. In 2013, the latest renewal, 93% of votes were in favor of the program. Please vote “YES” this December to ensure the continued success of California’s travel and tourism industry.

Dream Big!

Caroline Beteta