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Tourism doesn’t just happen. Having a perfect destination isn’t enough to grow tourism — consumers need to hear about it, particularly given the highly competitive environment for attracting visitor dollars. Visit California’s marketing program ensures that the Golden State remains on the consideration list when travelers from around the world are planning a trip.

Visit California is conceived, funded and led by the travel industry. For more than 25 years, the program has delivered billions of dollars of new visitor spending to the state’s hotels, rental cars, restaurants, attractions, retailers and thousands of other businesses in every community across the state. Today, the Golden State is the No. 1 destination in the nation, fueled by the marketing efforts enticing travelers from around the world.

"Visit California has pioneered what it means to effectively market tourism in the 21st century. We’re nimble, we’re responsive and we’re data-driven.” 
Gene Zanger — Casa De Fruta Parkway, LLC




Tourism remains the economic engine for the state. California tourism celebrated a ninth consecutive year of growth in 2018, setting records in traveler spending, jobs and tax revenues.

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California out-indexes the United States in all lodging key performance indicators

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Visit California’s strong foundation of “always on” global marketing across 14 markets in paid, owned, earned media and travel trade channels fuels year-round desire for the California experience by welcoming all travelers to “Dream Big.” In 2018, paid advertising generated 13.95 billion in incremental visitor spend, that is spending that would not have happened without Visit California’s paid advertising campaigns.


$13.95 B
Return on Advertising Spend

International travelers outspend and stay longer than domestic travelers. In 2018, international visitors from 13 markets spent $23.8 billion.




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Visit California has a proven track record of spending money wisely. Visit California is the most efficient destination marketing organization in the country — 88% of the budget goes directly to marketing efforts, while operations account for only 12% of expenses.



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“When you look at the metrics, whether travel-related consumer spending or tourism-related job creation, it all points to one fact — it’s working.”
Joe D'Alessandro | President and CEO
San Francisco Travel Association