Dream Big Dividend

California’s travel and tourism industry has spoken, overwhelmingly supporting the Dream Big Dividend to increase funding for statewide travel marketing to $100 million. I am proud to announce unprecedented industry participation in the vote, with 74 percent saying “yes on Option A” across all industry segments.

Industry-driven from the beginning, the Dream Big Dividend began years ago when visionary industry leaders called for a renewed effort to maintain the state’s position as a premier travel destination. The outcome is an industry mandate to guide California’s future. 

Thank you for your input, feedback and participation throughout the Dream Big Dividend campaign and voting process. With such steadfast support from its stakeholders, Visit California can move forward confidently into a new era of growth and prosperity for the state’s travel and tourism industry.

The new funding level will maintain California’s position as a premier global travel destination and protect the state’s share of tourism. The adjusted assessments will be reflected in the July 2015 billing cycle.  

As you well know, marketing the California brand to the world is essential to ensure the tourism industry continues to provide economic value to the bottom line of your business and every region across the state. The Dream Big Dividend will allow for deeper promotional programs that highlight California’s diversity and abundance. And it will offer broader co-op programs that businesses and regions can leverage to achieve their own marketing and business objectives.

And Visit California needs your involvement now more than ever. I hope you can join Visit California’s global team at Outlook Forum Feb. 23-24 in Greater Palm Springs. Over two days of intensive interactive workshops and networking, the industry will convene to gather valuable insights into how the Dream Big Dividend will affect businesses, weigh in on its initial stages and learn how to leverage Visit California’s revised global marketing plan in individual 2015-2016 marketing strategies. With so much momentous change on the horizon, this year’s Outlook is not to be missed.

Caroline Beteta

President & CEO, Visit California